AutoDial Valet
Client notification is easy with AutoDial Valet

Do you need to notify your clients?

AutoDial Valet is a Client Notification System that you may use to broadcast messages via telephone and email.


  • School staff want to keep parents informed if a child has missed any classes.
  • The Fire Hall notifies volunteer staff to be ready for a call-out.
  • As part of its Emergency Preparedness initiative, City Hall notifies families of a risk of flooding.
  • A fabric store has received new stock, and certain customers are on their "notification list".


You have a message in mind. With AutoDial Valet, record the message right at your desk.

"There are quite a few calls to do. How long should I give the system to complete the calls?"

That depends on the number of phone lines you make available to the program. With 4 lines, you can call approximately 1,000 homes in 4 hours. If you only have one line available, you can accomplish the same goal by allowing more time for the program to complete the calls. With one line, you can contact 3,000 homes in a week, by calling from 10am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

"I have several messages to deliver."

You can schedule multiple messages, and you don't need to concern yourself with the details. The program will deliver multiple messages as needed.

AutoDial Valet will also keep you informed of its progress.


School district staff wish to centralize their notification system to keep infrastructure costs as low as possible. Therefore, they wish to manage a number of telephone lines centrally.

But school staff wish to use the system from their own desktops to view their own students, record messages, and create general and absence notifications.

AutoDial Valet Multi gives you the best of both worlds as long as your schools are connected to your local area network.